Monday, October 1, 2012

Re-Launch Post

It looked like EastCoast-WestCoast Beads might be another one of those blogs that end up in mothballs, but Joan and I are determined to shake it out and shake things up.  We have come up with a new format that brings the focus to the BEADS--you know, the fun stuff, and we'll be posting weekly, sometimes more often.  In that spirit, we renamed the blog Metal, Mud, and Sand, for the raw materials we work with.

For starters, we plan on introducing challenges based on kits we design using our own beads and components. We'll post our own designs and make the kits available to you, too, through our websites. We really want to see and hear what YOU are up to, and where our beads go when they leave us.

I'm really looking forward to sharing the process of creation.  Sitting down and talking about it while I'm working will probably be a challenge at first.  Oh, who am I kidding, it will be a HUGE challenge, because once I get started, I am completely single-minded and have to be reminded to eat and brush my teeth when I'm at the bench.  Taking time out to photograph what I'm doing and actually put it down in words is going to be hard, but valuable--I learn so much by just writing down my thoughts.

Kim and Joan's Halloween kit with porcelain beads and charms.
                                                           Special Halloween Blog Kit
                                                           Special Halloween Blog Kit
Handmade silver bat and spider charms
                                                 Sterling Silver Bat and Spider Components
Joan Miller Halloween porcelain beads
                                                    Colored Porcelain Charms and Beads
                                                            Patterned Washer Discs
 4mm Swarovski bicones,  Large jet black Swarovski "bones", Lilac metal flower cap, Sterling Silver Ball End Head Pins

(Joan here)  From mothballs to a big batch of Halloween fun.  We're serious this time.  Kim and I put together what we think is an irresistible collection of spooky goodies and great value too.  Our pact involved making up 10 sets of beads/findings.  We each took one and created with it.  Our next post will be our results.   That leaves 8 kits up for grabs.  We estimate the retail value of the kits to be at least $150 and we are offering them for $100.  You get 8 Joan Miller Halloween beads or charms, 4 fancy washer discs, a fabulous sterling silver bat and spider by Kim Van Antwerp , sterling silver ball end head pins, assorted Swarovski crystals and oh so cute tiny colored metal flower caps.  Limit one kit per person.  Available at Joan Miller Porcelain and Cute Glass Beads.  Stay Tuned to see what we came up with and we'd love to see what you do with your kit.


  1. Thank you! We thought so but then we're the first ones to get to play with them :)

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