Friday, October 26, 2012

Lost and Found

The movers came this week, and all that's left are my tools, a few beads and some wire.
I'm supposed to be working on the kit, and packing, right? Instead I put this piece together:

Birdhouse glass and silver pendant with two birds
They remind me a little bit of cuckoo birds
Birdhouse glass and silver pendant with two birds

Love! The birdhouse is metal clay; I made it in a workshop with my friend Kate McKinnon in 2010. I didn't have anything in mind when I made it, other than using the architectural techniques we were learning.  I started making these little glass birds for earrings last fall:
Bluebird Earrings

Unfortunately, a couple of them broke clean in half. I hung on to the fronts, thinking I'd bezel set them or something. Then I happened upon the birdhouse and saw that they fit perfectly. 

To be honest, I had this idea months ago. I kept losing track of either the birds or the birdhouse and couldn't get them together in my hand at the same time until I started packing everything else up. I put the birds in a zippy bag and pinned them to the wall so I wouldn't lose them! Then I had a moment of frustration when I thought the house had gone with the movers. When I finally spotted it yesterday, aha! I put them together before they could run off again! 

Next week will likely be my last post from Hawaii.  I'm going to the gallery today to bring home my work. We land in LA on November 7, and we'll be in the mountains by the 9th. It's already snowing! 



  1. Congrats on actually USING some "too good to throw away" broken pieces. I was just wondering the other day if my box of broken wall pieces intended for mosaic "some day" made the move.

  2. Oh, I sure hope so, I bet there are some very cool pieces and parts to play with! ...I have now reached the moving stage where things are missing and I have to just hope the movers took them, or I shipped them, 'cause they ain't here. You know, things like MY PURSE.
    Luckily, I do have my wallet.