Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What can you make with one kit?

Designing with the Halloween kit was total fun.  I decided to see how far I could push the materials:  just how much jewelry could I make, with minimal additions?  It turns out the answer is a lot:
Handmade Halloween jewelry with porcelain beads, crystals, and sterling silver from our kit.
I added some jump rings and wire, but that's it.  All the interesting stuff there is found in a single kit.  I had to give it a lot of thought before jumping in, because I thought it would be cheating if I cut something apart and just pulled out another ball-end headpin, for example, from my personal supply.  I was also super-stingy, using the scraps from the kit's headpins wherever I could to minimize the added wire.
I did a lot of sketching first:

Showing the sketchbook where Kim worked out her jewelry designs.

Not everything turned out as I had planned; I didn't originally intend to make a bracelet like that at all.  Wouldn't you know, it's one of my favorite pieces! --D'oh! I just realized there's one piece missing from the photo, because I was wearing it when I took the picture:
A ring handmade from sterling wire with crystals and porcelain bead zombie charm.
Ha Ha!  Check that out, I think it's hilarious! The ghoul face is a real SCREAM, huh? 
 Spider Halloween pendant with crystals and porcelain handmade beads.

I love that horizontal element.  It's just a headpin from the kit, cut and bent tightly at the end.  The charm hangs from a jump ring in the center.  You can clearly see the stirrup shape at the top of the spider pendant; I use that a lot with the odd-shaped materials I like so much.  You can make a link out of almost anything with that.  Just make an eye at either end of your length of wire and hold it in the center with round nose pliers.  Use your fingers to bend the ends around the wire, evening it up as you go. Depending on which way the loops face, you can hold something facing either direction; notice the charm is being held by the same kind of thing, just bent the opposite way to hold a sideways-facing piece.  I used it again, bending it around a ring mandrel, for the shank on the Ghoulie ring.

         Spider and bat Halloween earrings with crystals and porcelain handmade beads. Skull and Black Cat Halloween earrings with crystals and porcelain handmade beads.
I knew all along I wanted to use the bat and spider together, but how?  The cauldron was a bit of a mystery bead for me; I didn't know where it should go, but then I realized it would match that disk, whose stripes echo a spiderweb, and it all fell together.  I love their little faces.  So funny, like little masks. The black cat and skull beads seemed like a natural pairing, and I was able to use scrap wire from other pieces to make the colorful link they dangle from.  I used headpins from the kit for all of these earwires. I have used these enamel beadcaps before. The Jet AB crystal is my favorite thing to put inside them.

That leaves the bracelet:
Pumpkin and Candy Corn Halloween bracelet with crystals and porcelain handmade beads.
Again, I decided early on to use the Jack o'lantern and candy corn together, and the disk was a perfect match.  The remaining crystals in the kit divided themselves perfectly into these links. I used every single bead in the kit!
All of these pieces are currently available on my website, along with the kit, of course!
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Joan and I are so excited to see what y'all do with our kit.  Can't wait until the photos start coming in!

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