Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pray For Snow

Well, okay. I know that in many places, snow is not exactly something you pray for. But here in Lake Tahoe, believe me, people are doing their best to manifest that white stuff.  The resorts are open, but just barely. We have had a few days to play on the slopes, and it's pretty good to be able to ease into the season. Hopefully we'll have our snow legs all set for the next big storm.

In the meantime, we've finally settled into our new place and I pulled out my tools yesterday and worked on my designs with our kit.  What a pleasure it was to sit down with these pretty things!

I mostly stuck to the drawings I posted before. Here's the bracelet, very much as drawn.  I didn't use foxtail chain as planned; the holes in Joan's beads were big enough that I could use this handsome cable link chain. The beads will move, but they don't slide too freely. It's a real pleasure to wear, just frosty with that beautiful luster!

 The star and snowflake earrings really turned out nice, and they look great on! The wires aren't too long, so the stars just hover at the base of the lobe, with the snowflakes twinkling below. 
Snowflake porcelain bead sterling silver jewelry
Snowflake porcelain bead sterling silver jewelry
 I did go off-plan with the necklace, though.  I decided the short, centered design I had drawn was just too fussy, which is a weakness of mine.  I went bold, and made it really long, with the flakes off-centered and randomly placed stations of crystals along the chain.  I LOVE it. I'm wearing it. I might have to keep it.
 Snowflake porcelain bead sterling silver jewelrySnowflake porcelain bead sterling silver jewelry
I saved out a pair of Joan's icicles for simple earrings to match that stunning Wedgwood-style snowflake bead. Take a look at what I did with the loops. They hardly show on that bracelet, but here on these ethereal earrings, the steel loops really stood out.  What to do?  I wrapped them with 24g sterling silver wire. Now they are as shiny and white as the rest of the piece!

Overall, I am very pleased with this kit. These pieces can be worn through the winter, and would make fantastic holiday gifts. If you're a beader and want to make something special to give, our kit is a great value. Contact me or Joan in the comments if you'd like to order one; Joan described the exact contents in the blog, here. I have to correct one thing I just noticed, though: there's not a perfectly matched set of silver flakes in every kit. There are two larger and two smaller. And like true snowflakes, they are all a little different!

And you are welcome to make up your own version of these designs! I'm also happy to share my construction methods, if you want to know how I did something, just comment here in the blog.


  1. As usual you did a really awesome job! I especially love your tip about wrapping the high temp wire loops on the icicles. I am still dragging my feet on the jewelry design part. Good thing we did a winter kit instead of a holiday kit!

  2. Thanks Joan! And you know what--it worked! We got a ton of snow on Wednesday, and yesterday it started coming down, too! Joan's beads are magic!!

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