Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Yes, it's true that I used our latest kit to create what I called the 'Pray for Snow' collection.
It's also true that within 48 hours, we received a couple of feet of snow...and that it snowed again shortly after I left to spend the holidays in Texas.
It snowed rather a lot, in fact. There's a lovely 2-foot blanket in my front yard.
And yes, um, you may have heard that North Texas got about 6 inches of snow while I was there.

But does that mean that if you use one of our lovely kits, you too will be inundated with the white stuff?
Surely not! After all, Joan made her pieces in Florida, and mine were done while I was still in Hawaii!

 It's my belief that they only work if you want them to. And in that case, baby, it's a Marshmallow World!
So go ahead and spend some of that Holiday cash on our Winter Bead Kit. Just comment or contact one of us, and we'll send you an invoice. You'll have your beads in mere days, and you can make it just the kind of winter you want.

Have a Happy 2013--It's a Marshmallow World!

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