Friday, December 6, 2013

Into the Big Time

Kimmie here:

I am completely chuffed, thrilled, and excited to announce that I will be teaching at Bead&Button Show 2014!!

Joan created a special version of her charming, first-place-winning Robot Party beads for me to build a class around. Here's a photo of our Party-On Robot pendant!

Don't you love that control panel, those colors?!

The beadwork here is basically a cabochon setting holding the control panel piece, peyote stitch around a foundation of modified right-angle weave; the RAW gives it a uniquely graphic look:

It's a simple project, suitable for an intrepid beginner, and students should be able to finish it in a single 3-hour class session!

The print version of the class catalog is out now, and online browsing for classes will begin December 10. Class registration begins January 7. There are only 12 spaces for this class (Friday June 6, 5-8pm), so get in there early!

Not going to the Bead&Button show? Joan and I will be offering this kit online soon.
If you are interested in ordering or pre-ordering, do let us know--contact Joan through her website,

We are also thinking about a more advanced version of the robot kit, with different types of arm/leg constructions. Sound good?


  1. I am so excited that I will get to see Kim at Bead & Button! And excited that she is teaching. And excited about robot parts. And excited about " Meet the Teachers" I'm just plain excited!

  2. Kits available here