Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ready, Set, Make BEADS!!!!!!!

Its taken nearly 4 months, but I finally have my space set up and ready to start work.  I moved from PA to FL in mid-March.  I had lived in the North East all of my life and in my little house in the woods for over 15 years.  This has been a BIG change for me.  It has also probably been the biggest break from work I have
ever taken, but I am ready to get the creative juices flowing again.  I did design and entire line of beads in my head.  It will be interesting to see if the results are anything like my vision.  Usually I am able to work much more directly when I get inspired.  But for now I just need to get my hands back in clay.  Fill some orders
for folks that have been patiently waiting for beads and make some new work for BeadFest coming up in August.   Guess it all starts with the first bead.  Wish me luck.  

Here's my new work space.  Its organized......kind of.  Just don't ask me to find anything.

View from my main work table.

Place to leave my inventory trays out to fill orders.  If I ever get
going online again.  Tile space between studio and living room is
going to be an office area.  

Other door goes to my dining room. How convenient.......cuz I NEVER commandeer the 
eating area for bead and jewelry purposes :)

Another view of my work station.

New flat screen TV/computer monitor.  I will have a computer
right in the studio!