Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three Steps Forward...

You know the rest:  two steps back!

Overall, the move from Kauai to South Lake Tahoe has been pretty smooth,  if a tad messy in places.  I am so ready for Joan's beads to come so I can start to work with them.

I'm at my folks' place in Montana right now, and there's a fresh coat of snow for inspiration.  After looking at the photo of the kit Joan shared in her last post, I took to my sketchbook.

Here are my ideas for how I'll use the kit.  Joan's Wedgwood-style snowflake beads are just so elegant and beautiful, I think I'll frame it with two snowflakes, and use that at the center of a lightweight silver chain, with just a few crystal accents.  The crystals in the kit are 6mm flat flower spacers, and 3mm (tiny!) rounds.

I just this moment opened up Joan's package and have the beads before me in real life, yay!

Now I'm not sure that my first idea for the earrings at top left will work. I had planned on using a tiny crystal as a stopper, but they might be too small. I bet I can improvise and keep that design somehow.  I would try it and show the results, but--guess what--my silver snowflakes were not in my hand luggage as they should have been. Moving. What fun.

Anyway, I really dig that idea so I'll be giving it a try. The second earring there should be a snap (famous last words). I'll make a bunch of tiny star and crystal dangles with 22g ball-end headpins and string them on a short link of silver wire, then hang an icicle from it. I have already chosen the two most lustrous for this pair of earrings.

I'll use the rest of the beads and icicles for the bracelet as shown.  I think I'll string it on a chain, using the icicles as spacers and letting the ice cubes slide freely. More sparkling star and crystal dangles will make it a beautiful match for the icicle earrings!

I see that one of these sets has already gone out; can't wait to see the results!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Snowing! Winter Blog Kit is Here!

Winter Blog Kit is here!  This is my kind of snow.  Kimmie is the winter sports enthusiast but I am perfectly happy with this version of snow here in sunny Florida.   We really wanted to top the Halloween Kit and I wanted lots of little sparkly bits.  I guess whether we topped the Halloween kit is a matter of opinion but you can't deny we nailed it on "lots of little sparkly bits."  This is our second blog kit and this is how we are doing it so far.  We each contribute at least $75 worth of beads, charms, components, whatever so long as it can be used to make jewelry :)  We make 10 kits and keep one each for ourselves to work with.  The remaining 8 are offered for sale on a first come first serve basis.  Cost of kit is $100 + $3.50 S&H. That's $150+ worth of beads for $100.   If you would like a kit just comment on this blog and one of us will get back to you.

Each kit contains:     4 Hand formed soldered and hammered sterling silver snowflakes,
                               matching pair included.
                               10 micro Swarovski Crystals in pale blue
                               10 6mm  clear Swarovski roundelles
                               1 Raised slip porcelain snowflake lentil shaped focal bead
                               6 Porcelain icicle charms
                               12 Luster ice cube porcelain beads
                               15 Tiny porcelain luster stars

I have 4 of the kits here with me ready to ship.  If you are kit customer 5 through 8 please be patient.  Kim is in the middle of a move and as soon as we can coordinate we will ship those kits.

If we haven't enticed you by the sheer awesomeness of our kits,  our next job is to try them out ourselves and see what we can make with them.  Stay tuned for the finished product post.  We also love to see your results if you buy a kit.