Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New and Fun

Kimmie here:

That's what I always try to have when I post to the blog, things that are new and fun! I have taken a couple of days away from glass this week to make some Precious Metal Clay components that I hope the shoppers at Bead and Button will enjoy. I form these hollow pieces over some very interesting burnout materials. Beader Cindy Lohry christened them 'Fairy Pods', and I think that's a great name for them.
I'd love to find some more of those nice riverstone findings at B and B! The pods sound great all jingling together in a necklace or as a pendant,. I'm making some in BronzClay too, can't wait to see how they come out. Firing them Tuesday, I'll try and post pictures next week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life + Art

Kimmie here:
It is interesting to see how our lives influence the art we make. Sometimes the connection is hard to spot...for example, I have been making beads featuring koi fish for years, even back in my fimo days, but haven't had so much as a goldfish in my life for years! Where does that come from? I think it has to do with the colors and the way a beautiful fish in a pool of water is evocative of peace, elegance, tranquility--totally imaginary for me.

The lentil animals are challenging to design and fun to make in bunches. They are snappy and quick and pack a lot of punch in their tiny package. When the design is right it just hits you all at once and pushes all the right buttons. I think that's why I enjoy making them so much. I've historically been really bad about not wanting to make the same thing twice. The fact that I actually like making these by the dozen has got me pondering their nature here...I guess there's nothing incredibly profound about them, but when you're staring at the flame for hours at a time it's easy to let the mind wander.

The past six months or so have been very active and exciting for me; I've been spending lots of time outdoors, learning fun new sports, and I think all that adrenaline is informing my new work.

It seems like the more I do, the more creative and inventive I feel! There's a long summer of surfing and mountain biking ahead, and when winter comes, more snowboarding. Tons of inspiration under the sun, I hope you will enjoy seeing what comes next!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

One Happy Koi Bead

Although it is always important to me that my beads go to good homes, some of them are especially blessed. This Koi bead found its way into the extremely talented hands of Dini Alves.
My fishies could not have hoped to swim in a better pond. This necklace is just a stunner. Be sure to check out her blog too. Dini's work in incredible and I am honored she chose to work with my beads. This is why I love selling art beads.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Midweek Quickie

Kimmie here:
This is where colored yarn comes from! LOL, if Ihad been able to keep a straight face, I would have had my boyfriend Morgan convinced this is true. But I went and said that they look like they have sweaters on and started cracking up and blew it ;-).
I got my felt bead sent off to Milwaukee and won't see it now until June. I have a second one almost halfway finished, but it is hard to find time for it what with glass and PMC projects also knocking on my door. It almost makes me feel guilty to just curl up with my big bead and some wool! But there's a whole month between me and B&B and I hope to have two big beads on my table to share, along with all these fun glass beads.