Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to East Coast-West Coast Bead Blog

Welcome to East Coast-West Coast Bead Blog. I have two friends who have the good fortune of living in sunny California. I am here in Pennsylvania which thankfully is starting to see a little sunshine although its pretty gray today. Long story short we have all been working together long distance for years. We have websites and we're connected but it just didn't seem like enough. Blogging can be one of those things that is just too hard to keep up with on your own. If you don't get the studio time in there's nothing to blog about. So.......................we said "Lets blog together!"Hopefully we will be more interesting as a team. I guess I should introduce us by now. Meet Kim Van Antwerp, Glass beadmaker, PMC artist and all around creative wonder. Penny Michelle designer of fabulous whimsical sterling silver and pewter components and the lonely East coast member of the team, Joan Miller, porcelain beads.


  1. Apparently not.LOL. Kimmie log in under your own account to comment.

  2. Ha Ha! Now I can goof around under my own name...sorry bout that.

  3. Joan's intro is so nice I want to post here in the comments for today rather than post above it.
    I'm looking forward to getting back on the blogwagon; I have been making lots of springtime beads inspired by the lovely weather and wildflowers springing up along the roadsides.
    Big Thanks go to Joan for setting up this great-looking page and getting us ready to blog up a storm! I'm looking forward to our conversations and exploring Blogger's fun features, like mobile blogging from my phone!