Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off To Connecticut!

I will be ehibiting at the CT Bead Society show this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 11 & 12. This is a very sentimental show for me. This was my first bead show Sept. 15, 2001. A customer at the Guilford Handcrafts Expo had mentioned there was a bead show in North Haven and gave me the info. It was all of $35 to exhibit and I figured what do I have to lose? I grabbed my friend Louise and off we went to CT. little hitch 4 days after the towers fell. I will never forget driving over the Tappan Zee and looking up the Hudson river to see the huge columns of smoke still rising. None of us knew what to expect at that time. We called to see if the show was still being held. Life must go on was the general feeling and the show was still going on, so off we went. CT Bead Society show was about 20 tables in a smaller banquet room at the Holiday Inn. We came. We set up too much display(you can take the girl out of the craft show but you can't take the craft show out of the girl) and we sold BEADS to NICE people! We were in heaven. Possitively giddy on the drive home we decided "We could run a bead show!" and Spring 2002 we held the first Berks Bead Bazaar. So giddy that we missed our exit and started driving into the city. Turn around. Back on track and on to countless bead shows which have been added and dropped over the years. The CT Bead Show is now about 3 times its original size and 2 days instead of one. It had quite a peak but like alot of shows has leveled off a bit. I have high hopes for this year. Just feel like it is going to be good, but even if it doesn't quite meet expectations I will continue to do the CT Bead Society Show for sentimental reasons.

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