Thursday, February 3, 2011

Major update!

Kimmie here:

Wow, these past three months have been epic. I'm going to update as much as I can right now, looks like the laptop is running out of juice.

At the beginning of November, Morgan and I schlepped our stuff to Mammoth Lakes, ready for a season of snow. We headed up to Montana to visit my parents a couple of days later, intending to stay for my birthday on the 11th and then come back so I could start my job as a lift operator. It was pretty warm when we got there, but snowed the next day, just a little:

Nice! It wasn't snowing in Mammoth, however, and my job training date was moved back a couple of weeks. We decided to stay for Thanksgiving! It continued to snow:

nice finger in front of the camera there, Kim!

We spent three wonderful weeks dyeing yarn, knitting (Morgan learned to knit!), slalom snowboarding behind the ATV and trying to ride our bikes in the snow. And boy did we eat well!

OK, the computer is about to give up the ghost. Next: onward to Mammoth, and the snowiest December on record!

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