Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally Felted

Kimmie here:

At long last, I give you FELTZILLA, in all his glory!!!

(no photo could do him justice)

I'm really happy with how tight and smooth he is; the details really pop! I have been wearing the ring and it is so comfortable, thanks to Kate's terrific shank design. After my show this weekend, the Honolulu Glass Bead and Art Festival, I will send the ring to be moulded, so that I can have it cast in sterling silver. I want to sell FZ's but I'd like to keep this original for myself. Every ring will have its own, original, handmade felt Zilla inside. Of course, if somebody has a particular building in mind that they would like to see him wrecking, I will work with you on a custom ring!

I have a bit of clay left and a fresh idea for felt + PMC that I'm excited to get started on. This will be a bracelet, and will not have a monster-movie theme...

The laptop I have been using for over ten years decided last week that it was done, so I'm working on a new machine right now. I'm enjoying its speed, but not in love with the keyboard layout. Hope it won't take too long to get used to. We are trying wireless internet, too. The network seems to work fine, but the idea of pay-as-you-go seems to be a joke. One month or 1G, whichever comes first...Ha, that gigabyte is going to last us maybe one week. So here I am at the Duck again for the data-heavy communications...(I'm not sure why we call McDonald's the Duck; you'll have to ask Penny.)

The Duck here at WalMart is a real gathering place for the locals, it is funny to sit here for an hour and observe. Kauai is more like East Texas than I ever would have imagined, complete with monster trucks and rednecks (I use the term redneck not as an insult, but as an adjective). Not to mention the chickens everywhere.

Unfortunately, we are not free from mainland-style troubles here. There have been four bomb scares in the last two weeks at a local school. Some idiot, no doubt. A kid at my high school tried to call in a threat, but did it using the payphone in the courtyard, twenty yards from the principal's office. The principal saw him using the phone and put two and two together. I repeat, IDIOT!

In happier island news, we are now ready to hit the surf. Morgan's surfboard trailer is a complete success! Made of a thrifted golf cart and some bamboo, it looks great, too, like something the Professor from Gilligan's Island would have come up with.


  1. How funny! Love the ring.

    I once lived in Kawaii. The Garden Island. So pretty. It was a long time ago 1976 to be exact. I loved it there!

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