Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Halloween Kit Creations

After the awesome job Kimmie did stretching the kit to the max, I am a little embarrassed to follow her.  I took an entirely different tact.  Partly because my jewelry skills are kind of rusty.  I have fallen into "Just make the beads."  Which is not entirely a bad thing.  Focus can be very good, but you gain a different perspective when you work with the beads.   I did well getting the multiples done on time for the kits.  However shows, orders and life didn't leave me with a huge window of time to put my finished jewelry part together.  A position I am all too familiar with but that's not entirely a bad thing either.  Sometime it takes pressure to get me working.

So here's what I came up with using very simple jewelry skills.  I added a good deal of colored enamel chain ( available from MyELEMENTS .)  I love her purple and lime green chain and they are my "Go To" for Halloween jewelry.  My first piece is a bracelet using the whole enchilada.  I used all my charms beads and washer rings.  Bracelet is simply jump ring-ed together.  Doubling up on jump rings at clasp for extra strength.  As my friend friend Yvonne from MyELEMENTS would call it "jump ring technology." My favorite part of the bracelet is one of the washer rings used as a toggle clasp.  I had some bars on hand that fit through perfectly.  My other little innovation was circles of chain around the bracelet holding some of the charms.  I also like how the chain weaves through the rings.  So for a one-shot-whip-it-together deal, I guess I am pretty pleased with myself and the results after all.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't very frugal on my use of porcelain charms and beads on my bracelet, so I decided that all chain earrings would be cute to wear with it.  For Halloween I am calling them "Dungeon Chain" earrings.  I simply threaded assorted lengths of the purple and green chain alternately and slipped on an ear wire.
On to Kimmie's contribution of crystals, headpins, wire bat and spider.  I simply adore this bat and spider and wanted to make something that really showcased it.  I came up with this simple lariat necklace.  I kept the addition of crystals to a minimum.  Just enough to give it a little spark of color.  The bat and spider are  the focal point when worn which is what I was going for.   I had lots of crystals left so I stacked a few up for fun earring that can be worn with lariat.  I lost the adorable little metal flower cap in my work clutter, so I will have them for another project.

A reminder of where we both started.  We still have kits left. Hopefully we have inspired you to make some Halloween bling of your own.  Kits are available at Joan Miller Porcelain  and Cute Glass Beads for $100 ($150+ component value.)   Our results: Kim $352 jewelry retail and Joan $280 jewelry retail value.  We'd love to see what our kit customers come up with and will be happy to post your results.  Our next kit is in the planning think brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........Winter!


  1. love this...greaT KIT! THANKS FOR THE DITTY ALSO!! ;0)

  2. Joan, I think the bracelet is FABulous, and so clever with the toggle! I love the way you used my bat and spider, looks like something Morticia Addams would wear, so elegant!