Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whoooo's ready for the weekend!

Kimmie here-

I really can't complain, this week just flew by. The creativity has really been flowing; I am so excited about these little (10mm) lentil animals, I have about ten different ones already! I'm going to make myself a bracelet with one of each...might have to make it two strands the way things are going.

These owls will be posted on my site tomorrow, keep visiting the blog to see the rest of my tiny menagerie!

**and if you have a request or suggestion, please let me know! Post it in a comment here in the blog :-).

I have been asked recently how I my pictures turn out so well, and I must say it is pure luck. The workshop where I'm set up has a big skylight so all I have to do is plop the beads down and snap a photo. My camera is so old that it will only hold a charge for 10 minutes or so, so it's a good thing I don't have to do a lot of fidgeting! I do have one good tip though: instead of a spendy gradient sheet or tricky backdrop, I use parchment paper from the baking section of the grocery store. Just unroll it -drape it over something if you need a background- and roll it back up when you're done. Great stuff, and it keeps cookies from sticking to the sheet... ;-)


  1. Sure........parchment paper. Now you tell me.

    Super cute owls. I want to see a pic of the whole menagerie together!

  2. I will have to see if I can round them all up for a photo op. They are pretty rowdy little critters!