Monday, June 7, 2010

Taking a Break

Allentown IBE show this past weekend
In a few days Kimmie will be embarking on her journey to the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee. I know she is excited and has been working hard. She has lots of wonderful beads and I know she will do well. I am in a different place. Having done the show for 7 years running I decided to give it a break. I know the excitement that Kimmie is feeling as she packs up her wonderful creations. The feeling that is isn't enough. You never feel like its enough. All the organizing an planning for the trip. Getting everything you need and can't buy there to Milwaukee by plane. Stuffing what's left and heavy into flat rate postal boxes and praying it is there at the hotel waiting for you. Deciding on clothes(to wear in public! a challenge for a studio mole) for 5-7 days and then rejecting the ones that are too bulky for the suitcase. Pondering how many days a pair of jeans can last that you notice they're not clean but no one else does. Its a fine line. I'll actually miss all of that. Not to mention seeing all the wonderful artist beads some of which I won't see at all this year. I usually aquire at least one special bead for my collection. I won't see the Bead Dreams or ISGB Exhibits. Seeing old friends Meeting new friends. The dinners out. Our "penthouse" room at the Hampton Inn. Why would I give all that up??? First of all, it wasn't easy. It is never easy to decide to move on even if it may be temporary(I haven't ruled out next year.) It boils down to time. I've come to a place where I positively loathe the push to get ready for a big show. Ironically I probably have enough inventory that I COULD have done the show, but making it was a much gentler process. New work came out of this period that I am really excited about. Some new opportunities are visible on my horizon. The only way I can get to B&B is to put blinders on for months before the show. I have really enjoyed taking the blinders off. Maybe I have finally learned to work steadily. Maybe next year I can keep the blinders off and still make it to the show. Maybe. We'll see.

For now I am really happy and relaxed. I am wishing all my bead buds that are going to B&B
their best show EVER! Knock 'em dead for me!


  1. Thanks Joan! Leaving tomorrow morning. Today is for 'business' weak spot! And packing. Oh my, the packing...I have no about a studio mole...No time to ramble! Stop rambling! Must pack!

  2. So happy to have found your blog (thanks for finding mine) and I can certainly understand your feelings in all of this. Sometimes it's SO difficult making the hard decisions and yet they can turn out to be the most fruitful. Here's hope your week of B&B is the best it's been in years, even though it's away from the scene.

  3. Safe travels you two! Hope you both have an awesome time.

    Sharon, really great to re-connect with you. Keep in touch, if only in the blogosphere :)