Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time and Beads

I can hog the blog a bit since Kimmie is either packing or in transit to B&B. One of the most influential teachers in my life used to say "Life is short and Art is long." I was in my 20's at the time and although I understood what she meant the older I get the more that statement comes home to roost. I thought I was pretty focused. I settled on porcelain over 20 years ago. I have been a beadmaker for 10. Creating mostly art beads and very little finished jewelry. And yet there is still not enough time. For recent customer request I made a large set of beads in only two patterns. Black and white with color accents. I really didn't want to put it in the box and mail it. I wanted it to stay with me for a while longer. I make beads nearly every day but rarely to I take the time to make large sets. Its just too time consuming and they become too expensive for my average bead customer. Most that do get made eventually get paired down into smaller sets so I can afford to buy more kibble for my darling mutts(I'm including hubby in this group which if you knew me is a great honor. He gets better than kibble though.) I always think I am driven by my inner muse and not the demands of business and life. To an extent this is very true or I would never have made a single bead in my life. My inner muse has a habit of telling me to make EVERYTHING more complex and detailed; not exactly the recipe for quick cash. But on the other hand "Why are there not more large sets?" Crap! Life really is short and Art really is long. After 20-some years that still pretty much sums it all up.


  1. The beads are drop dead gorgeous. I will never ever be able to make those. Great. Love them, Stefanie

  2. He gets better than kibble, or with kibble?


  3. It's ten til midnight here, I think I'm gettin weird, sorry.
    Love to see those gorgeous beads, Joan!

  4. Better than kibble.......if he's good.