Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back from BeadFest and Back to Work

Gater by "Fired Up Ladies"

First installment of starfish Beads for "Moonbabies"

I am happy to report I had an excellent show at BeadFest. Phili seems to be my town. Not sure if it is because I have been doing shows in the area since my art/craft show days or just because but I am on alot of people's "must see" lists.

I am very grateful to all my loyal friends and customers. We got a new booth location last minute so we were not listed correctly in the show program but everyone managed to find us.

I got very little time out of the booth for shopping and socializing. More due to being exhausted than not being able to leave the booth. My friend Dona Jones of Kindred Spirit Designs helped out all day Saturday and Sunday. I push myself so hard getting inventory ready for a big show that people at the show get the goofy barely able to function version of Joan but that seems to work. I think they find it amusing. Beads and entertainment.

I got to see Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio briefly. I meant to go back and buy a piece for my bead collection but ran out of time and energy. Only purchase I managed to make was this great gater by fellow BOC'er Fired Up Ladies . I also got to see my cabs set in sterling silver as clasps by Clasp On-Clasp Off . They looked fabulous! and Dee sold alot. Looking forward to a long collaboration. I am going to send some pieces to be set for my own inventory as pendants and bracelet components.

Finally the back to work part. I am doing a large order of starfish beads for Moonbabies that will be part of a fundraiser for breast cancer. I put a pink breast cancer ribbon on the back of each bead. 50 down 250 to go. I am hoping to be at the halfway point by the end of Aug.

In closing happy to be done with my last "BIG" show of the year. Really happy to have so many great fun customers. And think I will be content to hole up back in my studio for a little while.



  1. Whooo!
    That is a lot of starfish!
    They are beautiful :-).

  2. It was so fun to finally get to meet you this year! I really enjoyed picking out goodies from your booth- they are some of my favorites from this years loot accumulation.
    Glad to hear it was a great outcome for you!

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