Thursday, August 26, 2010

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King's Canyon National Park

Kimmie here:

Sounds like Beadfest was great! And those starfish beads of Joan's are beautiful.

I had a great time at the San Diego Bead Society's Bead Bazaar, thanks to everyone who came, and especially to Cindy Lohry, who made a beautiful necklace using my Precious Metal Clay fairy pods and let me display it in my booth! She's going to have it photographed and email me the pictures; I will share them as soon as I get them. I'll also update the blog when I get some more pods made and posted on the website.

After SDBS, Morgan and I drove up to the Bay Area and across for a week of camping at Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks. The weather and the scenery were just spectacular, there's no other word for it. We didn't have any bear encounters, but there was a racoon who stole, and promptly rejected, a bag of rice cakes!

That weekend, Klew hosted me at a trunk show in her Tehachapi store. What a treasure! (both the store and Klew)

Now I've been home for two weeks and summer has finally arrived in San Diego County. I have been filling orders and making beads for finished jewelry to show at the Ocean Beach Music and Art festival on September 11. Art Row is free, and there's a stage that's open too, so you don't have to buy a ticket to have a great day!

In the meantime, I have overhauled the look of my website and added both beads and finished jewelry, as well as an FAQ on the about me page. If you check it out and find any issues, please let me know!

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